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Although the source of the river that floats us is a tiny Rocky Mountain spring in northwest BC ... by the time it gets here, the Fraser has travelled 1,375 kilometres (854 mi). In its seemingly endless cycle, the river gathers all the ingredients that form the fertile bottomland of southern British Columbia.  


Around the corner from our village, the river ends. Beyond its mouth, lies a wide, deep basin - the Strait of Georgia. Here is access to the scenic shorelines, marinas and communities of the Pacific Northwest. More adventurous blue water cruisers often make this part of the coast their jumping-off point to ports far south or across the Pacific.


From moorage and dry docks far upriver and as close as Ladner Harbour; from private marinas such as our own... commercial vessels and pleasure craft share the river's shipping channel - motoring in and out with cargoes or to fish favourite hotspots. Some drop traps for rock shrimp and crab near the shelf where Sand Heads ends and the water goes deep. Cruising boats are packed and provisioned to explore the vast waterways and landings of Puget Sound and the San Juans, the Southern Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. To the north, the inlets of the Sunshine Coast and Alaska cut deep into the mountains, revealing magnificent scenery and protected anchorages for the mariner. It's all there waiting... beyond the mouth.


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